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Pray for us

The most important and helpful way you can support us is by including us in your prayers. We are most grateful for all individuals and church groups who pray for the success of our work.

Please also pray for all the hospital patients, visitors, doctors, nurses and support staff.

We pray for God’ s power to be clearly seen at work in the hospital; for doctors, nurses and patients to be astounded by miraculous healings which bring those who don’ t know Him to God.

Prayers for our work are held in the hospital chapel once a month on a Friday. Future prayer dates can be seen here .

Use our services

By using our services you help keep us in existence which enables us to be a visible and active presence for Christ in the hospital and the city.

Hopefully we can help you by giving you access to the widest range of Christian books and products at competitive prices.

We are not here to make a profit so we offer discounts where we are able. All churches receive a 10% discount on their purchases and we offer a 15% discount when 4 or more copies of a Christian book are purchased. We also have frequent promotions at discount prices including summer and Christmas 3 for 2 promotions on children’s books supplied by Marston. These include titles from Lion Hudson and Candle Books.

Be a Volunteer

Books Plus employs a full-time manager and a part-time book-keeper but is totally dependent on volunteers to actually perform in-store tasks.

Volunteers have many responsibilities. These include:

* Serving customers and operating the till
* Pricing and putting stock on display
* Listening to customers and comforting them where appropriate
* Praying with customers when asked
* Taking the Books Plus trolley to hospital wards (this is performed once a week on
Tuesday afternoons)

Full training is given to volunteers so no previous retail experience is necessary. Key qualities needed by volunteers are:

A love of God and Jesus Christ
A confident and friendly manner
A caring nature and an interest in the welfare of others
A willingness to pray with others when necessary
Good general fitness as the work involves considerable standing
Basic arithmetic skills

Most volunteers work half a day a week, but any time that could be given would be most appreciated.

Click here if you would like to enquire about being a volunteer.
(Email us at

Be a Church Rep

Church reps are an invaluable help to us.

As a church rep you would let people in your church know that we exist. You’ d be surprised at how many Christians living in Gloucester don’ t know there is a Christian bookshop serving the hospital and city.

You might also wish to run the occasional bookstall within your church. This might be on a regular basis – possibly quarterly, half-yearly or annually – or on special occasions, maybe for Christmas or Easter or for a church fete or during an Alpha course. You would need to book a date with us and specify the types of books you would like supplied. We would supply the books and collect those not sold after the event. You would run the actual bookstall and your church would benefit by receiving 10% of the income from the books sold.

Click here if you would like to enquire about becoming a church rep.
(Email us at

Help us financially

Books Plus is owned by the charity Light On The Mount. The shop does not aim to make a profit but does need to cover its costs by being self-financing. While Books Plus generally meets its day-to-day operating costs it still needs to repay its start-up loans. Any donations towards repaying these loans would be most gratefully received.

Click here if you would like to enquire about helping us financially.
(Email us at

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