About Us

Serving God in the hospital


Our primary role is to serve God in Gloucestershire Royal Hospital.

In association with the hospital chaplains, the Chapel Bookstall and Christian visitors – both clergy and lay – we try to be God’s physical presence in the hospital. Through our Christian books, especially our bibles, we give patients, visitors and hospital staff the opportunity to access God’s Word. Many of our customers are non-Christians so a visit to our shop may be the first time they even see a bible or Christian book.

Our hope and prayer is that God’s spirit may move those who don’ t know him yet to start their journey to Him, even if just by browsing our books.

Caring and comforting, when appropriate


Many of our customers are patients or visitors with unwell loved ones. We also serve hospital staff who sometimes find their roles upsetting or stressful.

We offer a listening ear and a comforting word to those who need them and pray with anyone who would like prayer. With some people it’ s obvious they wish to talkk as they just do, usually at our counter. Others show their need through their body language and actions. We try to sensitively assess when someone has a need and are always careful to avoid an unwelcome intrusion into someone’ s life or circumstances.

Sharing the gospel, when appropriate


We do not push our beliefs or views onto others but we do share the gospel when a conversation moves appropriately in that direction.

Providing a caring and cost effective retail service


We aim to enhance the caring environment of the hospital for patients, visitors and staff by providing an attractive, encouraging and caring retail outlet of general interest and Christian books and related goods.

As the only Christian bookshop in Gloucester, we also seek to provide the city and its local area with as extensive a range of Christian publications, music, cards and gifts as possible. Additionally we provide low-cost church supplies at discounted retail prices (normally 10% below RRP).


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