Serving God in the Hospital

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What is Books Plus?
More people enter our hospitals than our churches today. Being in hospital, especially as an in-patient, can be difficult. It is often a time of stress for the family, a time of questioning, and a time of worry for the future. Christians are called to care for the sick, and reach out with comfort and love. One way is through providing a books service in the heart of the hospital - books to help to pass the time, stories of people's endurance through adversity, humour and books for the children.

Books Plus provides a relaxed atmosphere to listen to music, browse through CDs and look for books which may perhaps answer their questions perhaps about their diseases or maybe bigger issues, like the meaning of life. Books Plus is a Christian and non-denominational Christian shop which stocks equal amounts of Christian and secular literature on its shelves.


    This essential handbook for the preparation of worship presents the authorised Bible readings (references only) for the liturgical year beginning Advent Sunday 2021. It includes: – a full calendar of the Christian year; – a simple code indicating whether celebrations … Read More


    Introduction 9
    Part One: How Did We Get to Be the Bad Guys?
    1. Why This Sudden Hostility? 15
    2. Why the Surprise? 31
    Part Two: What Being the Bad Guys Looks Like
    3. Binary Beige Versus Diverse Rainbows 45
    4. Loud Power Versus Voiceless Victims 61
    5. Self-Denial Versus Self-Actualisation 77
    Part Three: Being the Best Bad Guy You Can Be
    6. Don’t Renovate the Wrong House
    (A Strategy for Church) 93
    7. When the War Comes to You
    (A Strategy for the Workplace) 109
    8. The City and the City 125
    Afterword 141
    Acknowledgements 143 Read More

  • Rachel Treweek – Bishop of Gloucester

    NEW IN THIS MONTH EncounterThrough reflections on encounters between Jesus and those he met, as described in the gospels, and significant encounters with people and places in her personal journey with God, Bishop Rachel Treweek encourages us to make new … Read More

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